What is APP.NET ?

On App.Net you can list your App or you can list your Business. We believe every business needs an app, which is why we treat an App just like a Business. And a Business just like an App. A Business may or may not have an app listed in store, it may not have it yet, but it's only the matter of "when". Sooner or later every business will have an app and we are here to help with that. On App.Net your Business will become an App, for Free. That's right, you can build an app for your business on App.Net for Free. No Ads, No hidden fees, No Limitations. Listing on Apple App Store or Google Play Store will cost you a small fee paid to Apple or Google, but listing your Business/App on App.Net is absolutely FREE.

Listing on App.Net is free and easy. No need to create advertiser campaigns, no sophisticated SEO rules. Just plain keywords. When you list your business on App.Net you get listed on XMap, our proprietary smartphone app, which gives your business ability to be found by local customers in your area. On top of that customers can send you live chat messages, they can call you or video call, just like on Whats App or Viber, no need to expose your phone number.

Your listing can be edited, enhanced with pictures, video, web content organized into a tiny website we call XSite. Your listed business can also benefit from a set of utility apps used by customers to interact with you - XApps - designed for scheduling and booking, waiting list, check-in, invoicing and payment, etc. To enlist your business - click here.

APP.NET turns your Small Business into a Smart Business.


WE DESIGN AND DEVELOP MOBILE APPS. Because every business needs an app, our mission is to enable each and every business on the globe to have its own mobile app and its own system in the cloud.

Back in 2009 we invented Seattle Clouds. A platform that enabled hundred of thousands of people build and launch their mobile applications on over 200 Million devices worldwide. This is 10% of all smartphone devices in the world. Today, those reliable and robust technologies are the foundation for this proprietary marketing and development app platform - APP.NET

Location Matters

Location is more than a data point. Our technology's sense of place and space has inspired us build a platform dedicated to how people move in real world. Our mission is to build the world’s most trusted, independent location technology platform.

For people who go places

We believe the world is full of amazing experiences. We made the 1 app to help you discover the amazing places, people, tours and services. Find what's good, in your neighborhood. read more...

Use XMap online at xmap.app.net or Install the app

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